Why PC gaming is not dead

January 14, 2014 rawkey 0

I’ve been a massive gamer most of my life, starting on a ZX81, C64, Amiga, and also having consoles along the way as well with fond memories of my Sega Megadrive, Dreamcast , Playstation one and two, and also my Xbox 360 which currently sits under my TV  sadly gathering dust. Consoles for the vast majority of people are great, but having [Read more]

Virtual reality is coming back!

January 4, 2014 rawkey 0

I have been watching this with interest for a while now and I am convinced that virtual reality represents the next big step in immersive gaming. Forget the memories of what we had back in the early 90’s that came and failed to take off, things have changed big time! We are now talking about 3D in high definition, running [Read more]

Nest protect

January 3, 2014 rawkey 0

A US based company called nest have innovated with a smartphone integrated smoke and CO2 detector. It has tonnes of neat features such as it speaking to give you a heads up it has detected smoke rather that just going straight into a loud alarm (great for false alarms). It lets you wave your hand to silence and lights up [Read more]

Zuli smartplugs

January 3, 2014 rawkey 0

Home automation utilising your smartphone is a fast-moving area of technology at the moment. A company called Zuli Inc are developing smart plugs which work with Bluetooth low energy and use location based automation to track your movement around your home. Think about your lights as an example, and when you leave a room they automatically turn on and off [Read more]


January 3, 2014 rawkey 0

Hi, my names Paul and I thought I’d start a little blog covering all the things technology related I find interesting. I remember having a Sinclair ZX81 as my first computer, from there I was hooked on and have grown up alongside rapidly changing technology. I am always on the look out for the next big thing and generally an early adopter of [Read more]